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Selwood are proud of the pedigree spanning seven decades. Today Selwood continues to be an innovative business with a cutting edge approach to customer service, product development, manufacture and quality.

Our success is made possible through the dedication of our people whose passion, commitment and knowledge cements our position as a market leader.

Our Core Values are present in all that we do and in all we promise to all that work for us and with us.

  1. To provide and promote an environmentally safe and accident free work place.
  2. To build, maintain and develop profitable business relations with our customers and stakeholders through honesty and integrity.
  3. To excel in the delivery and innovation of high quality products, services and technical expertise.
  4. To work as a team, demanding the best of ourselves and to understand the impact of our words and actions on each other.
  5. To value and promote learning and personal development, committing to recognise the efforts of everyone.
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